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Metropolitan Touring Cruises

15 Reviews
Santa Cruz II

About Metropolitan Touring Cruises

Metropolitan Touring's three Galapagos-based ships -- the 90-passenger Santa Cruz II, the 40-passenger Isabella II and the 48-passenger La Pinta -- toe the line between expedition and comfort cruising. Passengers are sociable and have an obvious affinity for nature.

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Metropolitan Touring Cruises Tips, Activities, and Overview

Who goes on Metropolitan Touring cruise ships?

From September through May, Metropolitan Touring attracts an extremely well-traveled, well-educated baby boomer and older crowd. Passengers are sociable and have an obvious affinity for nature. During the summer months, families materialize.

Two of the line's ships cater predominantly to English-speaking passengers drawn from the U.S., Australia and the U.K., though there may be a mix of multilingual Europeans. The larger ship attracts a more international crowd, including Spanish and Ecuadorians, and is the only ship with special family programming (kids' meal times, dedicated shore excursions and a kids' room).

Do I have to dress up on a Metropolitan Touring cruise?

No. The ships maintain a relaxed onboard atmosphere; there is no dress code and no need to dress for dinner. Comfortable and casual is the order of the day, and passengers are just asked to wear dry clothes in the restaurant. Instead of packing for dinner, pack for the expedition-style activities and for the weather.

Is everything free on Metropolitan Touring cruises?

No. Meals, soft drinks, excursions and the use of snorkelling equipment are included. Extra costs include alcoholic beverages, Wi-Fi, wet suit rental and tips.

What are Metropolitan Touring’s most popular activities?

With some of the most unusual wildlife in the world, shore excursions and up-close wildlife spotting are the unforgettable highlights of a Galapagos cruise. Onboard, passengers fill the lounge for briefings given by naturalists or showings of BBC documentaries. Otherwise, when not ashore, people tend to relax and chat in the lounge or on the sun deck.

Why go with Metropolitan Touring?

  • Galapagos experts since 1953
  • Level III naturalists (the best) bring islands to life
  • Family programming

Best for: Active couples, singles and families with a keen interest in soft adventure

Not for: Luxury cruisers, people looking for a relaxing getaway and anyone with serious mobility issues

Metropolitan Touring Cruises Cruiser Reviews

Galapagos cruise on La Pinta

In looking back, this is first and foremost what made this adventure so wonderful.On the last day of the first itinerary and before the next itinerary began, the two of us had the entire boat to ourselves for the morning!Read More

many10+ Cruises

Age 72s

Interesting policy on locks, big showers, more good than bad

December is not the correct time to come for snorkeling, water is pretty rough and cloudy.The naturalists were well spoken and answered all questions at any time.Read More

few6-10 Cruises

Age 60s

Highly recommended. Everything we'd expected and more.

The spirit of adventure captured and transformed us into hiking, snorkeling, kayaking Grandma and Grandpa to no ill effect.Initially, we'd had some reservations about the level of activity that would be required of us.Read More

couple2-5 Cruises

Age 70s

We had the most amazing trip on Yacht La Pinta in February 2017

When we arrived on board the expedition leader told us this was not a cruise but an "expedition" and he was right!To our great pleasure the activities were endless - we kept busy from our 7am wakeup call right through to our 7pm de-briefing every night.Read More

couple2-5 Cruises

Age 50s

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