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Club Med Cruises

1 Review
Club Med 2

About Club Med Cruises

Belgian yogi and Olympic athlete Gerard Blitz launched Club Med in 1950 as "an antidote to civilization," and its cruise offering is faithful to the company concept of wellness and conviviality in the sun. The five-masted schooner Club Med 2, sister to Windstar's Wind Surf, debuted in 1992 and continues to cruise the Caribbean in winter and the Mediterranean in summer.

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Club Med Cruises Tips, Activities, and Overview

Who goes on Club Med cruise ships?

You'll usually meet Europeans on Club Med's single ship, most of them French or at least French-speakers. Some Canadians book Club Med 2, but you'll rarely find anyone from the United States in their midst. Children 8 and older can sail, although there are no programs for children or teens. Kids can participate in most of the ship's activities (there may be specific age requirements for activities, depending on the level of difficulty).

Do I have to dress up on a Club Med cruise?

No, you can pack exactly what you want to wear. Like the land-based resorts, Club Med 2 doesn't require passengers to dress up.

Is everything free on Club Med cruises?

Not quite. You'll sail with free bar/beverages (alcoholic and nonalcoholic, with the exception of an exclusive spirits and wine list), all dining and snacks, Wi-Fi and gratuities, sports and leisure activities. Most wellness and relaxation classes and entertainment are also complimentary.

Shore excursions, spa and beauty treatments are extra.

What are Club Med’s most popular activities?

Most passengers are onboard to soak up the sun and take part in active adventures, like wakeboarding, waterskiing or windsurfing, from the yacht's aft marina -- crew provide instruction if you need it. The group fitness classes, at all levels, are well attended, and there is a top-deck cardio training room with sea views and relaxation classes along with Pilates and Aquadynamics (water exercise).

Shore excursions tend to be culture immersive, and many cruisers explore the ports independently. In Europe there are golf packages on shore that can be coupled with onboard coaching from a golf pro with lectures, demonstrations and workshops.

Why go with Club Med?

  • Cruises alongside Caribbean beaches in winter and through the Mediterranean in the summer
  • Five-masted sailing ship
  • Aft marina for water sports like windsurfing and water skiing

Best for: Active vacationers who enjoy the company of Europeans and, preferably, speak French

Not for: Young children or cruisers who are more attracted to large production shows than the fitness room

Club Med Cruises Cruiser Reviews

A Tale of Two Ships

Another fantastic cruise experience, with that special French flair that Club Med does so well!My first impression was that the Club Med 2 was "Oh, so French!Read More

many10+ Cruises

Age 80s

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